Prices Policy of Paving Slabs UK

Our pricing strategy and guidelines are integral to how we establish prices for our products and services. This encompasses decisions on initial pricing, discounts, and any subsequent adjustments over time. Below outlines our pricing policies that distinguish our approach:

No Discount Code Requirement:

In contrast to other online stores, we refrain from employing the practice of initially setting high prices only to later offer discounts through promo codes. Our online store displays the final price transparently, without hidden fees.

Minimal Long-Term Profits:

Our retail prices are meticulously calculated to maintain minimal profits, ensuring that you receive the most favorable prices possible. When shopping with us, you can consistently expect a valuable and worthwhile shopping experience.

Special Pricing for Landscapers, Contractors, and Builders:

Landscapers, contractors, and builders benefit from our second-tier discount prices, guaranteeing the most competitive rates in the market.

Tailored Pricing for Dropshipping Traders:

For traders engaging in long-term dropshipping partnerships, we offer first-tier discount prices. We handle the delivery to the final customer and provide comprehensive after-sales service, fostering mutual growth.

Low-Cost Advantage Yields Competitive Prices:

Our porcelain paving, granite paving, and stone cladding are all competitively priced in the market. As owners of factories or primary wholesalers for manufacturers, our customers benefit from more favorable prices compared to other wholesalers, without compromising product quality.

Competitive Sandstone and Limestone Pricing:

Through established relationships with renowned factories in India, our sandstone paving and limestone paving maintain a competitive edge. Regardless of your material choice, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality products to meet your specific needs.

Thank you for choosing us. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to provide you with top-notch service and products.