Checklist Prior to Placing Order

To ensure a seamless purchasing experience, we recommend reviewing our checklist prior to placing your order:

Selecting the Appropriate Quantity:

Ensure you order an additional 10%-15% to account for potential damages during transportation and installation, as well as losses incurred from cutting for aesthetic purposes. If you're ordering patio packs and the percentage falls below the entirety of the crate(s), consider ordering individual split crates in 900x600 or 600x600 sizes and cut them to your desired dimensions.


Adhering to industry standards, compensation and replacement do not cover damages to 0-7% of the total order during transportation. Refunds between 7% and 20% are provided proportionally. Replacement parts will only be dispatched if the overall damage exceeds 20%, with clear images illustrating the extent and scale of the damage.

Avoid Pre-booking Construction Time:

Delivery is facilitated by a third-party nationwide pallet delivery company. Although the standard delivery time is 3-5 business days, we lack control over every aspect of the third-party process post-dispatch. Consequently, we cannot guarantee timely arrival. While the likelihood of delays is minimal based on our experience, we strongly advise against scheduling contractors based on expected arrival times. We do not accept claims for indirect losses resulting from delays.

Stone Cladding:

Due to the inherent nature of external stone cladding, fragments may loosen from the main board. When installing the cladding panel onto the desired surface, these fragments can be easily reattached, and they are less prone to breakage. Claims for the detachment of stone cladding will not be accepted, as it is considered a characteristic of the material.

Should you have any lingering questions, we strongly advise a thorough reading Terms and Conditions. By placing your order, we presume that you have attentively reviewed and consented to our terms and conditions.