Grey Sandstone Paving

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Kandla grey sandstone paving

Kandla Grey Sandstone Paving Light Grey 900x600 22mm Cal. £22.92/m2

£423.98 – £423.98
Kandla grey sandstone paving 900 x 600 is highly sought after in the UK, making them the most popular choice for Indian stone paving. With its delightful mix of light...
grey sandstone 600 x 600

Light Grey Sandstone Paving, Kandla Gery 600x600 22mm Cal. £25.99/m2

£486.01 – £486.01
Kandla Grey sandstone paving 600x600 22mm calibrated is versatile and visually appealing. With a mix of light blues and soft greys, they create a bright color scheme that suits both...
Indian sadnstone kandla grey

Kandla Grey Indian Sandstone Paving Patio Packs 22mm Cal. £18.34/m2

£346.62 – £346.62
Kandla grey Indian sandstone paving in patio packs offers a captivating combination of light blues and soft greys. Their striking patterns are ideal for traditional courtyard and garden designs, while...