Paving Slabs for Garden Patio

Paving slabs, patio slabs, and garden paving offer various paving materials to transform your outdoor spaces into beautiful and functional areas. This collection includes various paving slabs such as Indian sandstone, limestone, granite, slate paving, and porcelain paving, as well as stone setts, and cobbles. What Types of Paving Slabs Do We Supply? The types of...
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Raj blend sandstone patio paving 5 sizes

Raj Blend Sandstone Paving 560 Series 5 Sizes 22mm Cal. £19.28/m2

£500.00 £304.01
Raj blend sandstone paving patio packs 560 series 5 sizes are incredibly popular among customers seeking Indian sandstone paving. This particular blend colors pack offers excellent value for money while...
Kandla grey Indian sandstone paving

Kandla Grey Sandstone Paving Slabs 900x600 22mm Cal. £22.69/m2

£425.50 £423.17
Kandla grey Indian sandstone paving slabs 900 x 600 is highly sought after in the UK, making them the most popular choice for Indian stone paving. With its delightful mix...
tandur grey limestone paving 600x600

Tandur Grey Limestone Paving Tumbled 600x600 22mm £22.69/m2

£500.92 £405.92
Tandur grey limestone hand-cut and tumbled edge 600 x 600 is a type of limestone that has a unique antique appearance. It features light grey and slight blue shade tones,...
autumn brown Indian sandstone paving

Autumn Brown Indian Sandstone Paving Patio Packs 22mm Cal. £19.99/m2

£415.80 £377.81
Autumn brown sandstone paving patio packs are characterized by their unique cleft riven surface, blending light and dark brown tones to create an elegant, ancient, and historically charming appearance. These...
Indian sadnstone kandla grey

Kandla Grey Indian Sandstone Paving Patio Packs 22mm Cal. £21.99/m2 from

£415.80 £415.61
Kandla grey Indian sandstone paving in patio packs offers a captivating combination of light blues and soft greys. Their striking patterns are ideal for traditional courtyard and garden designs, while...
mint smooth sandstone slabs 900 x 600

Smooth Mint Fossil Sandstone Paving Honed Sawn 900x600 £23.99/m2

£486.75 £443.82
Mint fossil sandstone paving, with its smooth honed sawn 900 x 600 format, is a popular choice for contemporary paving. Its soft beige color creates a bright and modern impression,...
granite edging stone

Sawn Granite Setts Silver Grey Edging Stone 100x100x30mm £38.99/m2

£680.00 £467.88
Silver grey sawn granite setts 100 x 100 x 30 mm, offering an ideal solution for defining boundaries in patios and gardens while harmonizing perfectly with various paving stones. These...
Anthracite Black Porcelain Paving

Anthracite Black Porcelain Paving Slabs 900x600x20 £22.49m2

£549.00 £503.78
Anthracite Black Porcelain Paving 900x600 is the preferred option in the UK for its stylish design and long-lasting durability. Its modern digitally designed pattern is reminiscent of clouds looming on...
hammerstone grey porcelain paving

Hammerstone Grey Porcelain Paving Slabs 900x600x20mm £22.32/m2

£549.00 £499.97
Hammerstone Grey Porcelain Paving 900 x 600 is a stylish and versatile option for outdoor patio gardens, delivering a contemporary, relaxed, and visually striking environment for your contemporary or traditional...
black limestone plank

Black Limestone Linear Midnight Plank 900x200 22mm £21.50/m2

£530.00 £393.59
Black limestone linear 900 x 200 mm is an excellent choice for garden edging or patio borders. It adds a modern, elegant, and stately look to the garden while providing...
kota blue limestone paving

Kota Blue Limestone Paving Patio Packs, Sawn Edge 22mm Cal. £17.99/m2

£411.70 £322.02
Kota Blue Limestone Paving Patio Packs Slabs have a very uniform appearance, it's relatively smooth but not slippery and flat and has an "orange peel" type of look to its...
county lgy porcelain paving slabs

County Light Grey Porcelain Paving Slabs 900x600x20 £22.32/m2

£549.00 £499.97
County Light Grey Porcelain Paving 900 x 600, is currently highly sought after as a popular choice for paving in the UK. It features a rustic countryside aesthetic with a...
kandla grey porcelain paving

Kandla Grey Porcelain Paving Slabs 900x600x20 £22.32/m2

£549.00 £499.97
Kandla Grey Porcelain Paving Slabs 900 x 600 are increasingly becoming a leading trend in garden paving in the UK. These outdoor porcelain tiles feature an appealing artificial sandstone grey,...
quartz grey porcelain paving

Quartz Grey Porcelain Paving Slabs 900x600x20 £21.20/m2

£549.00 £474.88
Quartz Grey Porcelain Paving Slabs 900 x 600 presents an exquisite fusion of misty elegance and versatility, tailored for your outdoor patio garden. The subdued allure of the captivating Quartz...
granite paving slabs

Glacier Ice Granite Paving 900x600x25mm £33.69/m2

£552.14 £489.52
Glacier Ice Granite Paving Slabs 900 x 600, also known as Arctic Granite Paving. This distinctive colour sets it apart from the 20mm variant. We directly import these premium natural...
driveway block paving yellow limestone setts

Tandur Yellow Limestone Cobble Setts 200x100x50 £38.69/m2

£337.50 £290.18
Tandur yellow limestone cobble setts, also known as Antique Yellow Limestone, are hand-dressed and tumbled stones that offer good non-slip properties. Despite having a smooth texture, the surface of the...

Paving slabs, patio slabs, and garden paving offer various paving materials to transform your outdoor spaces into beautiful and functional areas. This collection includes various paving slabs such as Indian sandstone, limestone, granite, slate paving, and porcelain paving, as well as stone setts, and cobbles.

What Types of Paving Slabs Do We Supply?

The types of paving slabs we supply encompass a diverse range to cater to various needs and preferences. Our inventory typically includes but is not limited to:

Indian sandstone slabs are a popular choice known for their warm and earthy tones, these characters add a timeless and countryside appeal to any patio or garden. Sandstone paving slabs are available in various colours, textures, and packages based on different sizes, allowing you to create a unique and personalized look for your patio or garden.

Limestone paving slabs offer a more subtle and elegant aesthetic with their natural smooth surface and soft hues, limestone complements all ranges of architectural styles. It adds a touch of sophistication and creates a calm and inviting atmosphere in your garden or patio.

Granite paving slabs, on the other hand, are renowned for their durability and strength. With its hard-wearing nature and resistance to weathering, granite is a fantastic choice for high-traffic areas such as driveways and pathways. The natural beauty of granite with its speckled patterns and pure colour, also adds a touch of luxury and contemporary to any outdoor space.

Slate paving slabs provide a traditional and sleek look. With its natural riven surface and dark hues, slate brings a countryside and stylish element to your patio or garden. Its natural slip resistance makes it a practical choice for outdoor spaces.

For a more contemporary and low-maintenance option, porcelain paving slabs are another good ideal choice, which is becoming more and more popular in the UK. Porcelain is highly durable, resistant to staining, and requires minimal maintenance. It offers a wide range of colours, and imitation of natural stone effect finishes, allowing you to achieve a matte and realistic design.

Our paving slabs collection also includes stone setts and cobbles, as well as natural granite stone steps, granite coping, and granite edging, which are perfect for creating borders, pathways, or intricate patterns for steps, and wall covers. These stones add texture and visual interest to your outdoor space, while also providing durability and functionality.

Why Choose Paving Slabs UK as Your Best Option?

When selecting paving slabs, quality and price play a decisive role, surpassing other factors.

Our granite paving slabs are sourced directly from our parent company quarry in China, ensuring consistently high quality. The variety of colours we offer is among the most attractive and outstanding silver-grey granite paving in the UK market, particularly in silver grey shades. Additionally, our prices are the most competitive in the world.

Through our enduring partnerships with Indian sandstone and limestone quarries, our sandstone paving and limestone paving directly originate from these quarries in India. The ethical resourcing of materials, coupled with our longstanding collaborations, allows us to benefit from the most favourable supply prices while consistently upholding high-quality CE standards.

As the UK wholesale centre for India's largest 20mm outdoor porcelain tile factory, we provide customers with porcelain paving slabs that meet CE standards, backed by factory-level assurance of quality. We confidently assert that our products not only excel in quality but also offer the most favourable prices. This makes us the preferred choice for a wide range of landscapers and wholesale trade.

We stand out not only for the excellent quality and diverse range of our products but also through our long-term collaborations, ensuring a reliable supply of high-quality products at the most competitive prices for our customers.

Whether you choose natural sandstone, limestone, granite, slate paving slabs, stone setts and cobbles, or manufactured porcelain paving slabs, each material offers its unique charm, benefits, and advantages. From traditional, countryside to contemporary designs, all of our paving slabs provide endless possibilities to create a stunning and elevating outdoor patio or garden that reflects your beauty at the best prices.

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