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Chinese Slate Paving
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China slate paving slabs

Black Slate Paving China Slate Midnight Slabs 900x600 £31.09/m2

£599.99 £575.19
Black slate paving from China, known as midnight slate, is meticulously designed to infuse any space with a timeless and rustic allure. These slabs beautifully capture the essence of natural...
multicolour slate paving patio

China Slate Paving Slabs, Multicolour Copper Slate Patio Packs £29.99/m2

£579.99 £554.79
Multicolor copper slate paving slabs patio packs can transform your outdoor space with captivating beauty. These high-quality slabs feature a stunning blend of natural colors, ranging from rich copper tones...
multicolour slate paving

China Multicolour Copper Slate Paving Slabs 600x600 £28.99/m2

£570.00 £542.09
China slate saving slabs are a high-quality paving material that offers beauty, durability, and versatility. The multicolour copper slate adds a unique natural charm to your outdoor spaces, revitalizing your...
China multicolour slate paving

China Slate Paving Slabs Multicolour Copper Slate 900x600 £31.09/m2

£599.99 £575.19
Elevate your outdoor space with the exquisite beauty of our multicolor copper slate paving slabs, available in the size of 900 x 600. Crafted from natural slate, these paving slabs...
China slate paving

Black Slate Paving China Slate Midnight Slabs Patio Packs £29.99/m2

£579.99 £554.79
Create a sophisticated outdoor space with our black slate paving slabs patio kacks. These premium China midnight slate paving slabs feature a sleek and elegant black slate design that adds...
China black slate paving slabs

Black Slate Paving China Slate Midnight Slabs 600x600 £28.99/m2

£570.00 £542.09
Black slate paving made from premium China midnight slate. These stunning 600 x 600 slate slabs are the perfect choice for creating a sophisticated outdoor paving space. Each slab is...
Chinese Slate Paving